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Aquinas LLC is founder of Chatmatch.me, MeLateTuChat.com, MeLateTuChat.mx, and TheRealRomantics.uk, which are all dating websites that are modeled around the original tradition and culture of romantic love, which is based on the idea of “friendship first”. Aquinas LLC is a company named after Tomas Aquinas, Italian Catholic philosopher and “father” of the modern Roman Catholic Church.

I chose to name the parent company of these websites after this particular Catholic philosopher to be inspired by his efforts to contextualize Christianity for the common man in order to enable him to recognize its relevance in his daily life. Contextualizing biblical lessons pulls Christianity out of a purely fundamentalist state, which enables us to see its relevance and necessity in our lives no matter what era we live in. These contextualizing efforts serve as a supplement to understanding our faith in more practical terms and it enables others who are ignorant of our faith to also be able to see its truths without first needing to be literate in the faith. While some may disagree with the efforts or the words of Aquinas the reality is that Christianity will always be contextualize by somebody in any given time and place. In more informal ways many others have done what Aquinas did, however his efforts continue to be the most classical in their value in that they are forever true and forever relevant and useful in our lives.

In its own way this new dating website model is just another effort for contextualizing, in this case, one of the most important and yet basic lessons of the faith: the importance of genuine fraternity between mankind. Our romantic love badge program, which consists of contextualized Christianity within the construct of the romantic culture, also goes to prove the relevance and value that this great faith continues to offer in the lives of all of us, whether or not we consider ourselves “believers”.

And so in your honor, Tomas Aquinas, I dedicate my efforts.
~ Ariana González, Founder

Aquinas LLC was founded in 2016 and is based in Seattle, WA.

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