The main difference with is that it provides you with a primarily social way to meet new people. Primarily meaning that the first thing you get to see about a member is a comment they have made, rather than their picture. Only after you have responded to that comment do you get to see their picture. Other dating websites are primarily image driven in that you are introduced to new people first by their picture and second by any other content that may give you a better idea as to who they are. Essentially we enable our members to first make a connection by way of who they are on the inside, through their social content, rather than who they appear to be on the outside through their photos. is free to join. It’s also free to interact with our members when you visit the “meet our members” page. You only pay to initiate a new email to a member. The cost to email a member is fairly minimal as it only costs you to initiate an email; it doesn’t cost you anything to reply to an email. You can buy either individual credits or an unlimited pass to email a member. Individual credits start at 10 credits for $5 (it only takes 1 credit to initiate an email) or unlimited passes start at $15 for 30 days. Visit the “Edit my Details” page to view all the options that we offer for both the purchase of credits and unlimited passes.
Like most other dating websites there is no search form that can be used to find a member by way of their username or their first and last name. For this reason we suggest that you add a member to your ‘favorites’ page if you find that you are interested in them. Otherwise it will be difficult to find them again.

Unlike other dating websites there is no search function that can be used to pull up a list of singles nearby you. Our social platform and its filtering function work differently than the usual dating website platform and its search engines that provide the user with catalog-style listings of nearby singles. On you can’t search and “shop” through listings of singles’ profiles. To get to see a member’s profile you must interact with them first by way of responding to their comments on the “meet our members” page. It is after that point that you can see their details, view their profile and have the option to email them.
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